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Reporting Obligations under Clery

Certain campus officials also have a duty to report sexual assault and other crimes for federal statistical reporting purposes (Clery Act). All personally identifiable information is kept confidential, but statistical information must be passed along to campus law enforcement regarding the type of incident and its general location (on-or off-campus, in the surrounding area, but no addresses are given) for publication in the annual Campus Security Report. This report helps to provide the community with a clear picture of the extent and nature of campus crime, to ensure greater community safety. Mandated federal reporters include: student conduct administrators, safety and security personnel, coaches, athletic directors, residence life staff, student activities staff, human resources staff, advisors to student organizations, and “any other official with significant responsibility for student and campus activities.” The information to be shared includes the date, the location of the incident (using Clery location categories), and the Clery crime category. This reporting protects the identity of the victim and may be done anonymously. 

All Clery reports of sexual assault and other crimes should be reported to Safety and Security, (845) 437-7333. 

Blind incident reports can also be filed with the Sexual Assault Violence Prevention Program (SAVP) or with a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) advisor.