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Leading ethnic relations scholar to discuss American racism, Thursday, March 29, 2007

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, professor of sociology at Duke University, will address the standing of people of color in color-blind America. While he will frame the discussion based on the articulation of the notion of the "citizen" derived from the humanistic discourses of the Enlightenment and will survey some pertinent elements in the history of the United States, his focus will be on contemporary matters. Specifically, he will use material from his book Racism without Racists to highlight minorities' lesser standing in whites' minds. Secondly, he will use "odd" examples on matters that we hear about every day in the news to underscore his claim about minorities having a lesser standing in this nation-state. He will conclude with some suggestions about what racial progressives may want to do to make sure that the citizenship experience of people of color in 21st century America does not remain second-class.

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